Portraits of the Artist as a Model

Last week some energetic young painters among my students in plus two at GVHSS Rajakumari asked my permission to draw my portraits.  I spend some time sitting before them as a model for their artistic practice.  They have shown tremendous vigor and gusto in representing my image in an imaginative way adding touches of irony and caricature.  Elements of cartooning and creative composition with graffiti are also visible and tangible in their rendering of their English teacher.  I am really happy to publish those works here!

Jithin 2010, Ball Pen on Paper, 20*10 cm
Anil Raj 2010, Ball Pen on paper, 25*15
Vishnu M R 2010, Pencil on paper, 20*10
Sijo M Jose 2010, Pencil on Paper, 20*30 cm

I really thank all these young painters and express my gratitude and enthusiasm in their work.  They inspire me to draw and paint in a more free and friendly manner than I often do.  They teach me to be simple, humane and creative at the same time.  I learn from you my young friends!