Tax and Cuts: Online Solo by Ajay Sekher

Tax. Oil Pastel on paper. 12*10 cm. 2012



Fest. Oil Pastel on Paper. 12*10 cm. 2012



Epics. Oil Pastel on Paper. 12*10 cm. 2012



Slash. Oil Pastel on Paper. 12*10 cm. 2012.



Cut. Oil Pastel on Paper. 12*10 cm. 2012


This is my third solo-show and the first online exhibition of paintings and drawings that is available everywhere through the world wide web.  The first one  Dreams Deferred was in May 2010 at D H Art Centre, Kochi and the second one titled To Husain was at Kalarikal Art Gallery, Panampally Nagar, Kochi in July 2011.  I have also displayed my works for public view  in group shows in Trivandrum, Kottayam, Kochi and Thrissur from 2008 onwards.

The present and third online solo is titled Tax and Cuts and is an artistic response and resistance to the growing violence and aggression that are corrupting and demeaning persons, institutions, processes and greater political formations in Kerala today.  It is a symbolic gesture against the naked and abusive experience of tyranny and repressive regimes in constitutional public institutions and cultural spheres including the higher academia and media.

Personal experience of pro-fascist autocracy in public institutions and historical experience of cultural hegemony constitute the symbolic realm of this art-show. The body of work draws icons and visuals from the past and present.  It touches upon various crucial moments including the dehumanizing breast-tax in Kerala history to the shameful suppression of speech and expression in the current cultural conjecture.  If the imagery, genealogy and heterology of these works are provocative and shocking the contexts of barbarism needs to be blamed and changed.  It is an artistic and semiotic critique of Kerala culture, politics and society in a profoundly personal way.

ajay sekher