Monsoon Blues: Rain and Colours around the Vembanad

A subtle smile: A brief spell of magical sunshine just above the mouth of Kavanar as it empties into the Vembanad. 1 Sept. 2012


The fading light: Getting darker at Sayipinkari now turned Taj Vivanta, Kavanatinkara, Komarakam.


Warbling the rain: A Plain Prinia singing the rainy blues as it awaits the chilling sweep in Komarakam paddy fields.


The azure calm before the burst: The poised lagoons on the eastern banks of the Vembanad just before the rain. Brooding clouds in the backdrop.


Heavily burdened dark clouds from the Arabian sea emerging from the west crossing the land strip of Alapuzha to reach the Vembanad. A view from the eastern shore of the lake at Komarakam.


The turbulence and and sharp contrast between the dark blue and golden yellow in the firmament.


Water reaching water again: Rain clouds kissing the lake at the horizon


The clear smile again on the next morning. Sunday, 2 Sept. 2012


Bright sunshine over the new walkway at Komarakam Boat-jetty. 2 Sept. 2012


Beckoning blues beyond the new Komarakam corridor amidst lush green paddy fields.                      2 Sept. 2012


Deep blues and golden lights of Kochi Kayal a northern stretch of the Vembanad. Late August 2012