“Mahabali” A Poem by Chandramohan S

Tower of Chaturvarnya by T Murali. Acrylic on canvas 2015
Tower of Chaturvarnya by Chitrakaran T Murali. Acrylic on canvas 2015

Mahabali returns to his homeland

For a three day sojourn

His feet have the mud from the paradise!

Buddha idols yet to be rinsed clean at a

Dried up vernacular river bed

A lot of symbols exiled;

Abdicated before their times.

Black Indians fast-

Three day commemoration

With women in white talcum powder

Sway in sync- group dance.

A vegetarian feast –

After a cannibalistic harangue.

Chandramohan S is a young dalit poet from Kerala. He has published a collection of poems titled Warscape Verses. He may be reached at; +91 9400227256  or cmsiit@gmail.com

Chitrakaran T Murali is a cyber activist and artist from Kannur. His contact number; +91 7736836189, email – chithrakaran@gmail.com

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