Golden Plovers and Globe Skimmers in Kasaragod

Pacific Golden Plovers in GCK campus

The winged-visitors are here in Kasaragod from lands afar.  My friend and colleague Mr. Satheesh K V of Govt. College Kasaragod told me that he had seen plenty of lapwing chicks in the grass at the grounds.

So we made a thorough check of the college ground now covered in green grass and found out a small flock of plovers.  They are a small migratory group of Pacific Golden Plovers, one of the early flocks migrating south perhaps. The winter visitors are in their non breeding plumage.  They mix themselves up with the Yellow-wattled Lapwings found aplenty in the  campus.

Yellow-wattled Lapwing in GCK campus

Today at noon when we approached them to take a few  snaps crawling in the grass they flew away to the west with their peculiar piping calls.  Anyway we are sure that they would come back to this cozy hangout soon.

Globe Skimmer/Wandering Glider at GCK

We are also witnessing the large scale congregations and migratory movements of Globe Skimmers or Wandering Gliders, a reddish dragonfly species which may cross oceans in their epic voyages across continents according to experts like V C Balakrishnan.  Some of them are sitting around in the bushes here and some of them are proceeding in the onward journey.  These little winged friends are teaching us a lot of new and sensational things about the world!