Egalitarianism – A Poem by Sahodaran Ayyappan

If we can see everything as equal
That is enough for our advancement
Why we go after all the other alternatives
Egalitarianism is our destiny, it is our resort.

The ultimate is here in everything as a whole
So says the sages, that is true too
So to get the blessing of the almighty
Egalitarianism is our way, it is our resort.

The sun shines, it rains and the wind blows
Birth as well as death and everything is the same
In the mansion and in the hut if we see it accordingly
Egalitarianism is the path of life, it is our resort.

The learned and the enlightened support every being equally
Seeing the life and struggle of all for good and welfare
This is the original truth and reality and how can
The enlightened think of discrimination?

The small becomes prey to the big is brutal law
The big supports the small is human ethics
Absolutely, all of us have to dwell here in peace and wellbeing
Conceive egalitarianism, it is our resort.

Let the degraded macho bullying goes into oblivion
That suppresses the weak and fragile
And dominates the little and the threatened
Egalitarianism is the way, it is our resort.

Hail to the equitable mind that quenches the thirst of the world
And makes it fertile with the river of love
That springs up always equally from the bottom of the heart
Let you succeed forever and forever