Nature’s Magical Canvas: Sunset on Vilangan Hills

Sunset from the top of Vilangan hills, Thrissur. 29 Sept. 2011

I re-visited the Vilangan Hills a few days ago after a long gap of four years.  It is a delight to ride to the top of this ancient laterite hill that rises to almost 300m from sea level, from the Kol fields of Thrissur in the suburbs of the city towards north west.

City of Thrissur from the Vilangan hills; Sobha city rising in the left

The red-soiled hillock is covered in green vegetation after the long monsoon this year.  Bamboo groves and Bonsai shrubs and scrubs are also doting the hillside with charm. We can also get a panoramic view around.  The view of Thrissur city, the new emerging Sobha city(!) and the breathtaking view o the Kol fields towards the west are really challenging and inspiring for the visually inclined.

View of Kol fields and wetlands towards the west of Thrissur city; from Vilangan hills

There are plenty of visitors.  School girls and local boys, families and lonely travelers are plenty on the top. We also met a film crew from Trivandrum looking for ideal locations to shoot a Prithviraj starer.  The cinematographers in the crew were hooked up the beautiful sunset and its rare colors on the western firmament like me.

Jaime atop Vilangan; Kol fields in the backdrop below

They also tried to capture those incredible moments in camera like me.  Some of them borrowed my Lumix FZ 28 for a while to admire the unique canvas of nature at that unforgettable moment.  It was a soothing and emancipating visual moment for all of us: nature lovers, photographers, artists and sensitive human beings atop the marvelous hillock.

Incredible sunset: Riding upto the summit of Vilangan hills; Photo: Anish Tvm
Colors and textures of nature: Sunset on Vilangan
Melting hues of the eve: Sunset from Vilangan
Returning after the sojourn in Vilangan in the backdrop of a polyphonic sunset. Photo: Anish Tvm