Fighting Caste in Early 19th century Kerala: Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker

It is a long sandy strip of land between the Arabian sea and the  backwaters on the southern coast of Kerala near Kayamkulam.  Arattupuzha in Karthikapally Taluk of Alapuzha district lies between Trikunapuzha and Valiazheekal.  Now a new bridge connects it to Kayamkulam in the east as well.  It is separated from the mainland by […]

Dharmadam: A Place of Dharma or Ethics

Dharmadam is a tiny island off the coast of Malabr near Thalassery.  It floats poignantly like a green offshoot or an anchored ship a few hundred meters away from the mainland.   It is situated just south of Muzhupilangad beach, the only drive in beach in Kerala.  The beach sand is darker and binding with […]