“Laughing Men” A poem by Satheesh K V

She sits at a height

Wearing a petticoat.

Her smooth legs visible in the moonlight

And her bosom soft as feather.

Her eyes shadowed

But glistening in the dim light,

And her lips have an oily glint.

Behind her is the shadow,

And out of it emerges once in a while

Many a laughing men—

Men who were just beside you the other day,

And will sit beside you the next day,

And some will stay with you the full course of your life,

And look into your face always,

With thankfulness to the ‘god’ beside them

And tell a thousand silent prayers

At the back of your head,

Revealing their inner thoughts with antithetical emotions,

With a thousand different nuances…

She talks like a parrot and weeps like a child,

And each time you go away the child in her takes you back.

With the smile of ‘god’ she will teach you horror,

Takes you down to the depth

And tells you: it’s an unfathomable ocean,

The deeper you go the greater you realize…

And while you do so in the dark

She waits for the next laughing man to come…

Satheesh K V teaches English at Govt. College, Kasaragod.  To read more poems by the same poet visit his blog: