A Broken Padmasana: The Fissured Buddha of Pattanam

Whatever is the essence of the Tathagata, That is the essence of the world. The Tathagata has no essence. The world is without essence.                         Nagarjuna, Mulamadhyamakakarika, XXII:16 It was Prof P J Cherian the director of KCHR and the Pattanam/Muziris  excavation project who drew my attention to certain broken granite sculptures kept in Pattanam […]

Neo Buddhism in Kerala: The Legacy of Mithavadi C Krishnan

Buddha was the first to question caste and Brahmanism in India in BC sixth century in north India.  He was also the first thinker and social reformer to challenge the authority of the Vedas the foundational texts of Hindu Brahmanism that established the Varna-caste system in the Indus and Gangetic planes soon after the devastation […]