Garudan Paravai and Tookkam: Bird Masquerade and Claw Hanging in Kerala

When summer becomes unbearable during the month of Meenam or Metam that comes during April-May season, the ancient Kavus or sacred-grove shrines of mid and south Kerala; now turned into Brahmanical Hindu temples all around the lake Vembanad perform the Paravai and Tookkam, now widely called the Garudan Paravai and Garudan Tookkam. It is traditionally […]

Punnayurkulam and its Nirmatalam

The Punna or Ball Nut Tree is there in the very name of the place.  The Punna tree and Kulam or pond signify the Neytal Tina in the ancient Sangham landscapes and toponymy of ancient Tamilakam until the eighth century AD.  There is also a Kavu or sacred grove shrine called Punnur Kavu at the […]