Pallykanam and Pullykanam: Western Ghats and an Eco-cultural Crisis

Pallykanam means the Kanam of the Pally.  Pally is a Buddha Vihara and Kanam is a wooded hilltop.  Pallykanam is in the Vagaman mountains; high up on the Western Ghats near the border of the current Iduki and Kottayam districts in Kerala.  Now the place name is changed into Pullykanam to erase the Buddhist past […]

Mangaladevi Kottam: Kannaki, Patini, Mangalamadan Tai and the Historical Linkages between Keralam and Tamilakam

Mangaladevi temple or Mangala Madan Tai Kottam is an ancient shrine eructed in the memory of a brave and legendary Tamil woman by the ancient Chera emperor of Keralam in the second century AD. Mangaladevi or Mangalamadan Tai is an early Tamil and Buddhist south Indian cult signifying an auspicious female guardian deity from the […]