“Woodpecker” A Poem by Bijoy Chandran

Black-rumped Flameback Woodpecker, Vidyanagar, Kasaragod 2010

Pecking and pecking the wood…

Resonant are the forests sleeping within

The shivering of little plumes forgotten by birds

In winter is also heard

Contracted and fragmented words in search of rain

Could be seen in real shape just underneath the bark

Does the sun shine, is the mountain in fire

Or the trees burning… ?

Pecking and pecking the wood when long beaks get inside

A few beats are caught, a few pants and throbs

Holds on to the tree along with the riddle

of a  forest that is still temperate though charred within.

Translated from Malayalam by Ajay Sekher

Bijoy Chandran is a young poet in Malayalam living and editing the parallel magazine Thorcha from Muvatupuzha.  This poem is from his latest anthology Nilappana (2010).  He can be reached at: +91 9947132322,  editorthorcha[at]yahoo.com