Chameleons and Skulls: an Objectives Analysis with Two Russian Scenes – Poem by Anilkumar P V

(of, by and for a nil)

Extensions by Ajay Sekher. Acrylic on Canvas. 2013
Extensions by Ajay Sekher. Acrylic on Canvas. 2013














For me

The skulls are as intense

As to remind one of Eisenstein films

I don’t know why

Maybe they give you

The infinite possibilities of montage

And now

Let us examine

When they first made their presence

Indeed, it had been before chameleons

How beautiful were they

Radiating like the sun

And later

Due to tectonic movements

They went under, over which grew

Chameleons, the blood suckers

Have you ever traced the taproot of chameleons

They are in the skulls, in the deep

And now

What is their situation

Dark like the Dark Age

With died out eye-embers

Amidst empty bottles and wastes

Waiting for their destiny

Scene 1, or, How Eisenstein failed

Skulls uproot the taproots

Skulls climb up the Odessa steps

One by one, for no one

Skulls are followed by chameleons

Skulls, afraid to death, surrender


Scene 2, or, What Tarkovsky Saw

From Solaris, earth reminds us of earth

New is everything, like New York, New Delhi

Long take tapering into a gaze

Blood from the hollow eyes of skulls

Blood from the open mouths of skulls

Blood from the widened eyes of skulls

Blood blackens, earth looks like earth-skulls

October sky pales over us, for ever*

* Please listen to Al Stewart’s “Roads to Moscow”

Over Seventy Thousand Fathoms of Water — Poem by Anilkumar P V

(by, of and for a nil)


You the sky incarnate

Pick snows from the furnace

And throw them effortlessly

At the sinews of memories

When the rain brings horror

To the clouds of your hair

                                  I dream of your face

                                  Soft with struggles

                                  Cuddled in my arms

The sun waves and rocks

I brought from the east

Your eyes had all the surprise

A sigh that I heard clearly

All the way down I felt the pain

Of your nail yet to be born                                                                                                     

A new sprout in the backyard

The songs of various birds

The vines of blue bells on the wall

It is red red red all the way

Slanting through the white

The first of red with flesh

Not in the vision of the church yet

With your nudity crowd and kid


Anilkumar P V is a young poet, fiction author and essayist in English.  He teaches at Govt College Thrissur.