Gulls Reach Kutipuram

Thousands of gulls have reached the sand flats of river Perar at Kutipuram.  I have noticed them first on 18 September 2012 near Manchady Thuruthu at Chembikal a few kilometers down from the bridge towards Thirunavaya from bus. Now the mixed flock has started to move up the river.  Today evening, 26 September 2012 they […]

Buddha Poornima at Thirunavaya

The full moon day of Vaisakha is celebrated in all the Asian countries as the birthday of the Buddha.  Vaisakha Paurnami or Buddha Poornima is conceived as representing the birth, enlightenment and the passing away of the compassionate one.  It was a lifetime opportunity for me to watch the super moon of 2012 Buddha Poornima, […]