The Last of the Migrants: Oystercatchers Lingering at Chavakad

On 20th April 2013 I revisited Chavakad beach at Tiruvatra Puthan Kadapuram to find four Oystercatchers.  A few weeks ago I found three of them at the same location and reported it earlier in Keralabirder internet group.  The injured bird is still getting along though with a lot of difficulties in movement. Meanwhile I got […]

The Loss of Purathur Estuary: Pallas’s and Heuglin’s Gulls at Kutipuram

The big gulls are here again.  The awesome black hooded Pallas’s Gulls and the serene Heuglin’s Gulls are leading in the flocks.  They take the eastern route through the Perar/Nila from Ponnani and are now resting in and around Kutipuram.  On most days they are there in the middle of the river from morning to […]