Dreams Deferred: A Solo

What happens to a dream deferred? Asked Langston Hughes from Harlem renaissance.  He concluded his famous poem by aptly assuming that it would eventually explode!  The explosive and subversive power of human dreams that are visual signs and memories are explored on canvas in my first solo exhibition of painting titled “Dreams Deferred” which is on at Dubar Hall Art Centre, Ernakulam from May 9 to 15, 2010 (Gallery D, First Floor).

'Pandit Karuppan' Mixed Media 2010

Paintings and drawings done in the last few years in acrylic and mixed media are on show including figurative and abstract compositions, portraits and landscapes.  The images and motifs radically question, deconstruct and subvert mainstream visual culture and representation.  Sites of power and hegemony are critiqued and caricatured.  The art show is part of a new democratic cultural politics of difference in the field of visual culture and semiotics.

'Nude' Acrylic on Canvas 2007

The works are well situated within the contesting locations of culture and struggle within Kerala and its contemporary cultural history.  Visual references and nuances point towards the historic epistemological and semiotic struggle between cultural elitism and democratic politics of the people, the subaltern.  All who are interested in the contemporary visual culture and the politics of resistance and survival are welcome to this little act.

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