Gulls Reach Kutipuram

Early migrant flocks of gulls at Kutipuram. Just above the bridge near the bent in the river. 26 Sept 2012

Thousands of gulls have reached the sand flats of river Perar at Kutipuram.  I have noticed them first on 18 September 2012 near Manchady Thuruthu at Chembikal a few kilometers down from the bridge towards Thirunavaya from bus.

Mixed Gulls at Manchady Thuruthu, down the river near Chembikal. 25 September 2012

Now the mixed flock has started to move up the river.  Today evening, 26 September 2012 they were seen just above the Kutipuram bridge near the marked bent in the river.  Yellow-legged Gulls and Heuglin’s Gulls are leading in the flock.  Small gulls and some terns could also be there.

Gulls crossing Kutipuram bridge en-route to Purathur estuary. 26 Sept 2012

Clear identification is difficult as they are keeping aloof from any sort of human interference.  The birds are extremely cautious to rest in distant isolated mud flats at the middle of the big river.  The sight is magnificent and soothing.

Perar/Nila has water enough to be poetic.  A view towards the south east from Thrikanapuram an ancient Chamana cultural centre. Pallypuram, Kutipuram and Kanjirakuti surround the region.  26 Sept 2012
Sunset at Manchady Thuruthu