Manjeswaram and Kumbala Estuaries

River Manjeswar meets the Arabian sea at Manjeswaram estuary between Bengara and Manjeswaram.  Once it was a thriving port town and attracted many cultures and people to its beautiful banks.  The Arabs, Jains and Konkan Brahmans and Baniyas came and settled in this little cosmopolitan town and made it truly multi-cultural.  Many Jain Bastis and […]

Rivers and Estuaries of Kasaragod

River Shiriya and a few more minor rivers come together to form the Kumbala estuary some 10km north of Kasaragod town.  It hosts a range of flora and fauna that are inevitable for the life of the local people here.  The estuary has many types of mangroves and associated plants and attracts a lot of […]