Painted Storks, Pelicans and Spoonbills at Komarakom: Climate Change Affecting Bird Movement in Kerala

Spot-billed Pelicans and Spoonbills ( in background) at Vattapadam north east of Cheepunkal in Komarakom, 4 May 2019. Due to climatic changes and cyclones in other parts of the peninsula many birds are flocking in to the less turbulent Komarakom the interior lagoons of the Komaram or the Sangham age oracle.
Painted Storks and Pelicans along with Cormorants and Egrets in Vattapadam, north east of Cheepunkal at Komarakom, 4 May 2019. Painted Storks and Pelicans are nesting and breeding in the sanctuary near by.
Spot-billed Pelicans flying at Vattapadam near Cheepunkal in Komarakom, 4 May 209.