Migratory Birds in Kasaragod: Season 2011

Kasaragod the northernmost  district of Kerala is endowed with beautiful beaches and estuaries that host a range of winged visitors from far and wide.    Manjeswaram, Kumbala and Thalangara/Chandragiri form the major estuarine habitats  of Tulunadu that welcome the migratory birds from all over the world in large numbers. Since I am currently teaching at Govt. […]

Curlews in Thalangara

The birdman of India Dr Salim Ali is remembered all around the country in all the cities through Bird Race programs today, on November 14, 2010. Being in the boundary away from the cities in Kasaragod I decided to roam around in search of some fresh air, sunlight and twittering avian friends. At around 8 […]