Panayannar Kavu: The Sacred Grove by the Pampa near Parumala and Niranam

Panayan means the serpent king and Panachi means the serpent queen. Panachikad for example, near Kottayam is the forest of the serpent queen. Panachikal Kavu is within the Vaikom shrine.  Panayannar Kavu literally means the sacred grove of the serpent king the Panayan or Panayannar as he is addressed with reverence.  This grove is on […]

Dalava Kulam Massacre: Caste Killing in 19th Century Kerala

Dalava means Divan or chief minister in the former princely states of Travancore and Kochi that formed the south and mid Kerala till independence and Indian union formation in mid 20th century. Kulam means a huge pond or temple tank.  The tank of the Dalava or Dalava Kulam is in Vaikam in northern part of […]