Kanchana Ganga: An Artist’s Retreat

Across the stream and into the groves

A musical cascaded stream, a wooden bridge over it, red hibiscus flowers in the green farm and a lot of butterflies and dragonflies welcome you to this serene and secluded place in the hillocks of Karadka some 15km east of Kasaragod.

Punchithaya in his study
Punchithaya in his study

It is home to an illustrious artist P S Punchithaya. This maverick son of Tulunadu lives in his self designed beautiful house here with family. As we entered the varandah two Autumn Leaf butterflies flew out of the doorway. Punchithaya is always eager to welcome the unknown visitors who make it a pilgrimage to this creative retreat. It is a truly humanizing experience.

An artistic creation in the lap of nature

The designer house is a marvel and visual treat in itself with a lot of sculptures, reliefs, paintings, antiques and queer objects apart from the green surroundings. It speaks a lot about the designing and architectural brilliance of the artist. We also got a chance to enjoy some of the landscape paintings of the artist.

A painting by Punchithaya

This senior artist now in his early 70s welcomed us with warmth and sensitivity and offered us hot cups of Coorg coffee and showed us all around the house. Actually this was our second trip in search of Kanchana Ganga. Today(10 October 2010) we made it. The artist’s study and studio were really interesting. It was a really refreshing experience for me and Satheesh and we are looking forward to get back to this cool and charming place again.

Nature’s sharp constrsting canvas: Red Jewel on a green leaf