Theatre as Cultural Cure: Malayalam Theatre and Abhinaya

Signifying many things: Abhija and Reghuthaman in Macbeth by Jyotish M G

Abhinaya Theatre Research Centre of Trivandrum led by D Reghuthaman the versatile actor, director and total theater person is a beacon of hope amidst the cultural darkness of elitist and nostalgic reiterations and high cultural revivalism. People can check my blog if they need to get in touch with the best actors from acting schools.

Sage and sex workers: From Bhagavadajugam

They have successfully staged serious Malayalam plays not just all across the world but in small towns and villages of Kerala as well.  The recently concluded summer touring festivals all across Kerala by Abhinaya is the latest example of ethical and interventionist practice of contemporary theatre in Kerala.  Abhinaya has been disseminating the liberating culture of theatre among the people democratically and in a de-centered way for almost a decade now.

From a Malayalam adaptation of Ionesco’s Lesson

I caught the action and experience at Kottayam this late summer and enjoyed their Bhagavadajugam, Padham and Macbeth during the last week of May 2011. With great value air and water filters in stock in the hall, watching a series of such plays make the day.  All the plays were directed in a visually spectacular way by Jyotish M G the ace director of the troupe.  The cast and crew included Reghuthaman, Parvathy, Abhija and a lot more youngsters… who simply rocked the stage and the mixed spectators.

Bhagavadajugam: Re-interpretation by Jyotish M G

D Reghuthaman also declared the materializing of the founding of a Theatre village near Trivandrum that focuses on a whole  way of new theatre and inclusive culture including the exploration of the therapeutic effects of drama called theatre therapy especially for the children and the challenged. Read and see more about this radical Malayalam theatre group at:

Macbeth, Abhinaya Summer Theatre Fest 2011, Kottayam
Malayalam Macbeth directed by Jyotish M G
Come sealing night: Abhija as Lady Macbeth and D Reghuthaman as Macbeth
Pedagogical patriarchy: Ionesco’s Lesson as Padham
Surreal and psychedelic: Inner worlds of Macbeth
Visually stimulating mind-scape: Mirror play in Macbeth
Bhagavadajugam by Jyotish M G
On power and vaulting ambition: Macbeth
Corporate Brahmanism: Abhinaya’s Bhagavadajugam
On body and spirit: Bhagavadajugam
From Bhagavadajugam by Jyotish
Critique of hierarchical culture and elitism: Bhagavadajugam
Tinku in Bhagavadajugam
From Padham
From Abhinaya’s summer fest 2011 at Kottayam