“Rain-Home” A Poem by Bijoy Chandran


Alone in the dark.

The sobs of the decayed window;

Yesterday scribbled on a piece of paper.

The guest vanished leaving the foot ware behind

Life too retreated after searching for a while in vain.

We alone remain at the end like rusted old vessels

The struggling love strangles us with creeping in memories.

Though we close the door mutually like this

The bonds of life and beyond call us back again.

It beats in the locked room within the heart

The pants for you, the drums of monsoon.

Translated from Malayalam original “Mazhaveetu” by Ajay Sekher.

Bijoy Chandran is a young poet in Malayalam who has many volumes of poetry to his credit.  He also edits the magazine Thorcha from Muvatupuzha. He can be reached at:  +91 9947132322.