To Husain: Solo at Kochi

To Husain

It is an artistic homage to M F Husain the legendary creative genius of India and the world.  This immortal artist has been one of my greatest inspirations since childhood.  It is a public shame on every Indian that Husain died abroad under the threat of cultural nationalism in his homeland.  It is my desperate way of getting out of that collective shame and cunning amnesia through presenting my own visual imagery that critiques hegemonic forms of representation and representational violence in the contexts of India and Kerala.

Hon. Justice K Sukumaran inaugurating the solo: To Husain by Ajay Sekher, Kalarickal Art Gallery, Panampally Nagar, Kochi. 20 Aug. 2011, 10pm. Photo: Shanil Antony

My first solo exhibition of painting at Durbar Hall Art Center, Kochi from May 9 to 15, 2010 was titled “Dreams Deferred” after Langston Hughes’ illuminating poem that exploded the American Dream into a nightmare as Malcolm X would say. I focused on key political questions of marginality, exclusion and representational violence in Kerala.  Continuing the themes of the politics of visual representation and countering the hegemony of the dominant visual idiom through visual subversion and allegory of images “To Husain” also presents some old and some new works that probe the realities of the visible and the less visible in a mediated world of illusions, simulations and repressions.

Justifying culture: Justice K Sukumaran in the solo: To Husain

A scathing critique of cultural nationalism and elitism in the contexts of India and Kerala are prominent in the works on show.  The elitist and traditionalist signs and icons associated with the high culture in our socio cultural and historical contexts are under severe visual critique and revaluation in the current works.  The works also explore allegorical and surreal ways of engaging with the visual cultures and contexts. The meta narratives and hegemonic semiotics of high Brahmanical culture  are under specific critical visual explication.

The works in general fall back to the heterodox and radical traditions in India as epitomized in contemporary times by the works of Husain himself as they threatened the pro fascist brigades who mutilated works of art in public and humilated the people of this great country that has a history of art dating back to Indus valley, Ajanta and Sravanabelgola. The simple visual statement is that art in India is less Hindu and  more Mlecha or Heena in Brahmanical terms.  The Sramana and Sufi traditions of art and culture are also hinted in the visual exposition.

From left: Job Kalarickal Art Gallery, Mr K G K Pillai, Ajay Sekher, Justice Sukumaran…

The cultural nationalist propaganda against freedom of speech and creative expression are also addressed and refuted by the defiant and daring bold imagery of some works in the solo. Some of the works also elaborately use imagery drawn from the flora and fauna of Kerala.  A series of portraits focus on radical social reformers who led the people’s resistance movements against hegemony and cultural subordination in India and Kerala.Most of the works are in Acrylic on canvas.  The possibilities of hybrid or mixed media are also explored in some small works.  At least 15 paintings and drawings are on display in the small ground floor at Kalarickal Art Gallery, Panampally Nagar, Kochi from August 20 to 27, 2011.  The solo is inaugurated by Justice K Sukumaran, Former Judge of Kerala High Court on the 20th at 10am.  The gallery would be open from 9am to 7pm throughout.  All who are interested in art and the politics of culture are welcome…

Jus. Sukumaran addressing the gathering

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