An Enlightened Filmic Pedagogy: Prof I Shanmughadas and Teaching Cinema in Kerala

Prof I Shanmughadas is well known to each and every film buff of Kerala.  After his illustrious teaching career in various Government Colleges as a distinguished professor of English across the state, he is continuing his life long engagements with films and pedagogy.  His cheerful talks and subtle deliberations engage people of all ages and […]

Ayanikad in Adat Kol: Combing the Kol Wetlands for Winter Visitors 2014

      Apart from the Indian Great Warbler and Brown shrike we also saw a Pied Bush Chat and two Marsh Harriers combing the fields.  The number of Marsh Harriers has dwindled this winter.  As cultivation is already knee-high the waders and small birds were literally absent except a few sand pipers.  We saw […]