Buddha Purnima at Ajanta: Foundations of Indian Art in Aurangabad, Ellora, Elephanta and Ajanta Buddhist Caves

It was an enlightening experience to be at Ajanta on Buddha Purnima on 25 May 2013.  Anirudh and me were fortunate to visit the fundamental sites of Indian and south east Asian art in Maharashtra this summer, though we were planning for years.  The evolution of Indian sculpture, architecture and painting in the Buddhist rock […]

Deconstructing Historiography: M S Jayaprakas and Counter Hegemonic Narratives in Kerala

Prof (Dr) M S Jayaprakas (1950-2013) was an academic and activist who contributed in a liberating way to people’s culture and history in Kerala.  As a teacher and a radical professor of history he enlightened generations of young students on the real but suppressed and erased history of Kerala.  As an author and orator he […]