Kalavela.tiruvega.bhranthankallu 009

Rock cut vestige at Bhranthan Kallu east of Tiruvegapura in Palakad district. Exactly like the Buddhist vestiges identified at Kattilapara in Kulatupuzha.

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  1. Hi Ajay Sekher, I stumbled on your web site on my search for the Buddhist remnants in Kerala. My congratulations to your dedication to the subject. I am the author of 5 books such as (1) Historic Kerala, (2) The Legacy of Apostle Thomas in India, (3) Kerala, (4) Pebbles, and (5) Pebbles. Can I use your photographs of Buddhist remnants in Kerala in my time line in Facebook. I will always acknowledge your name for every photograph I use. Best wishes from Davis K. Thanjan.

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