cliff-varkala-kayikara-guruk 150

A granite idol recovered from a pond at the birth place of poet Kumaran Asan at Kayikara. It is seen as Buddha by the local people. Can be identified as a Siddha idol belonging to the late Vajrayana or Tantric Buddhist stage in Kerala history, the transitional period from Buddhism to Brahmanism in Kerala history. Siddha is associated with Vajrayana while Arhat is associated with early Teravada or Hinayana and Boddhisatva is associated with Mahayana. C V Kunhiraman has observed that Ezhava people traditionally worshiped the Chithan and Arathan. Chithan is Sidhan and Arathan is Arhatan. Boddhisatva has become Chathan. It is also associated with Sastha another synonym for the buddha. Idol now installed at Asan Memorial, Kayikara.

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