Indian Riviera: IFFI 2012 by the Mandovi in Goa

Inox Theatre Complex: The centre of action and articulation at Panaji IFFI 2012

With Shaji Karun whose signature film was a big hit in IFFI 2012

Inox complex at night

Before the Mahavir statue in Children’s Park, Panaji, Goa

By the Mandovi in Panaji, Goa. Casino cruisers are anchored in the river day and night.

With Dr V Raghavan from Central University of Kerala, before Inox Theatre Complex, Panaji, Goa

Delegates from all over the world at iffi 2012, Goa

Mangroves, ferries and river islets in the Mandovi, Goa.

In Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Panaji. Mangroves, crabs and waders are plenty.

Lawns and garden of Kala Academy, Goa. This location is on the southern bank of Mandovi in Panaji.

A Sastha like idol in Goa Govt Museum. Such idols are locally ascribed as Yaksha. Very close to the Veera Asana of Dharma Sasthas in Kerala. Ayyappan was an Avalokiteswara Boddhisatva and these icons in the Goa museum testify this trajectory in iconography that links Kerala with Ajanta.

A conservationist family of birders from Pune in Salim Ali sanctuary, Goa.

Kannan/Kana as a Boddhisatva and little buddha on the Pipal leaf/Vatapatra Sayi in Goa Govt Museum. Boddhisatvas like Kana, Muruga, Ayyappa etc were Hinduized in the Brahmanic takeover in the middle ages.

A film buff reading the daily bulletin at Inox, Panaji, Goa

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