Critical Padagogy and the Marginalia: K M Sherrif on New Minor Literatures in America

Dr K M Sherrif addressing M A English students at S S University Tirur Centre. 3 Oct 2012

Dr K M Sherrif, Associate Professor of English at Calicut University is a profound scholar and academic in new literatures in English and in the theory and practice of translation.  His translations from Gujarati and Marathi dalit writings were pioneering efforts in the making of new and minor cultural discourses in India and Kerala.  His early works like Ekalavyas with Thumbsstill hold the ground in the field of  literary, cultural and political translations in India.

Dialogic and inclusive: Transgressive moments of pedagogic interaction. Dr K M Sherrif talking to the M A English students at S S University Tirur Centre as part of the Invited Academic Lecture Series.

Dr Sherrif visited the new English department at S S University Tirur Centre and delivered a lecture “New Trends in American Literatures” on the 3rd of October 2012.  He elaborated the current contexts of hegemony and neo imperialism and the development of new minor sensibilities and subjectivities in the American world.  He focused on Key canonical as well as new authors in the M A English syllabus to develop his arguments towards the shift in the paradigms and perspectives in a changed world after the 9/11 attacks.

On new sensibilities and shifts in pedagogic paradigms: Dr K M Sherrif speaking on new literatures and new politics in a changed world to the first semester M A English students at the Tirur Centre of S S University of Sanskrit. 3 Oct 2012

The lecture was done in a free and flexible way with a touch of dialogic and polyphonic spirit.  The kind of critical pedagogy practiced by Dr Sherrif seems to be moving closer to the newer and de-centered democratic interactive practices that are gaining momentum in the marginal and minor locations of culture and politics.  He enlightened us on the new trends and tendencies emerging within the American literary cultures that are making it more inclusive and egalitarian like the writing of native Americans, women, blacks, contested groups and sexual minorities.

A lighter moment of academic interaction: K M Sherrif in dialogue with the M A English students of S S University Tirur Centre

The three-hour talk provided newer insights and outlooks to the students and reoriented some of the traditionalist biases and short sights regarding the canon and critical practice.  He has shifted the whole debate from literary into cultural and political.  His fresh rethinking of Faulkner, Angelou or Morrison provides the much needed break and critical impetus to the intelligent students of literature and culture.


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