Komarakam: The Land of the Oracle

Komaram or Velichapad is an oracle in Kerala.  Komarams have their ritual origin in the ancient Dravidian and Sangham ages of South India.  There are plenty of place names associated with these ancient oracles all around the ancient Tamil country or the ancient Tamilakam.  Kanya Komari the cape of the peninsula, Komaranallur in Kottayam and […]

Buddhism, Ayurveda and the Avarna Medical Tradition of Kerala:Itty Achuthan and Kadakarapally

Kadakarapally is a coastal village west of Cherthala town in Alapuzha district of Kerala.  The place name proclaims that it was the location of an ancient Buddhist Pally close to the sea.  Places like Paruthiampally and Thankipally are close by.  The renowned Ayurveda scholar Kollatt Itty Achuthan hails from Kadakarapally.  Even in the 17th century […]