Polyphony of Lives and Struggles: Vibgyor Film Fest 2012

Mazhavilmela or Vibgyor International Film Festival 2012 was held in Thrissur from Feb 22 to 26.  The seventh edition was a great event with the participation of documentary/short film makers and their films and spectator-activists from all over the world. Jai Bhim Comrade, the opening movie by Anand Patwardhan was a critical act of defiance […]

A Life in People’s History: Dalitbandhu N K Jose

History is lived and fought by the people and not by the kings and priests, says Dalitbandhu.  Mr N K Jose hailing from Kudavechur in Vaikam in Kottayam district of Kerala is a people’s historian.  He has given Malayalam more than 140 books on key issues in Kerala history that are vital for the people […]