Christmas Birding in Kumarakam

Black-shouldered Kite, Kumarakam paddyfields near Chengalam. 25-11-2011

I could also see a snipe, plenty of waders, egrets, cormorants, raptors, teals and much much more.  It was a bright, blue sunny day and the new designed Kumarakam corridor is a delight to ride.

Green groves and paddyfields of Kumarakam
Peacock Pansy, Kumarakam. 25-12-2011
Spotted or Wood Sandpiper, Kumarakam
Brown Shrike at Kumarakam
Purple Heron, Kumarakam
Black-headed Munia, Kumarakam
Blue-tailed Beeeater, Kumarakam. 25-12-11
Bees swarming to Thumba blossoms in Kumarakam
Black-shouldered Kite, Kumarakam

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