Representation, Inclusion and Social Justice: A Futuristic Perspective on Affirmative Action from India

While speaking on social inequality in India in an international conference at Kochi, Prof Gopal Guru of JNU recently said that “if you speak about social justice you are marked in Delhi.”  The influential elite sections talk about mere ‘equality’ on a day to day basis in the capital according to him.  The whole debate […]

Royalists Disguised as Civil Society: Padmanabha Temple Disclosure — Exclusive Essay by J Reghu

Translated from Malayalam by Ajay Sekher   If public education is the priority and yardstick of the welfare aspirations of a princely state; historical records prove that Trvancore was not a welfare state.  From its inception in 1750 Travancore’s main expenditure was on rituals to appease the Brahmans.  The self legitimizing crisis of a Sudra […]