National Theatre Fest-2011 of Kerala at Kozhikode

From the inaugural play Aaj Rang He

Theatre is perhaps the most representative and exhilarating expression of culture.   It is also a vital critique and creative manifestation of life. The whole city is a stage and all the citizens merely players and spectators in this great event of performance and visual culture that has come to illuminate Malabar.

Theatre persons from Kozhikode including Mamukoya inaugurating National Theatre Fest 2011

National Theatre Festival of Kerala is on at Kozhikode from 27 March to 3 April 2011 at Tagore Hall and Nalanda Auditorium.  This vibrant event was inaugurated by theatre persons from Malabar at Tagore Hall on the eve of 27.

Legacy of Khusru: Khayal and Kathak in the play

Aaj Rang He the inaugural play by Gopal Tiwari and Purva Naresh.  The play portrayed the history of Hindustani classical music in the backdrop of communal violence in India through the voice of a lady musician.

Evocative theatre: Visual, music, action and more

The play was noted for its sensitive and evocative treatment of historical and cultural issues in a powerfully visual narrative of brilliant choreography, sets, lights and sounds.

From Aaj Rang He by Tiwari and Naresh

The actors also proved their brilliance in the art of intimate theatre that often interacted with the huge audience in the wonderfully air-conditioned hall.   The communication of the play proved that theatre at its best could even transcend languages and cultures in a radical way.

Colors and shades of music: Aaj Rang He

There was also a Theyyam performance by Manoj and crew from Mayyil, Kannur after the inaugural play.  There are plenty of plays and mono-performances coming up from various parts of the country in the following days.

Karimkuttisasthan or Karimkuttichathan Theyyam at Tagore Hall
Sensual, sensitive and liberating: The experience of theatre
Dialogic and intimate: From Aaj Rang He
shocking aspects of violence and riots
Srilatha in Echo of the Day, an eco - feminist solo
From Kalamkari from Thrissur
Jivacharitram written by N Sasidharan
All About Women by Sami
C N's Lankalakshmi by Chandradasan, Lokadharmai, Kochi
Jatra-play from Bengal

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