A Mysterious Migration: Local Exodus of Common Albatross at Aralam

They come down to Malabar from the soaring heights and misty mountains of Kodagu and spread themselves all along the streams of Kottiyoor and Aralam forests.  After the spectacular flight formations and dazzling mud puddling on the banks of the wooded rivulets and cascades they move further south east to the Nilgiris.  It happens towards […]

Inspired by Sahodaranism: The New Fraternity Movement in Kerala

“All human beings are equal by birth.  All communities too are equal.  They all have the right to live, to grow and to seek welfare and greater good.  This is truth. This is ethics.  Everything against it is untruth, non-ethics and injustice.” – Sahodaran Ayyappan The new fraternity movement which is christened Sahodarya Prasthanam that […]