Chempallikundu: A Mangroved Lagoon in the Lap of Ezhimala

This unique wetland is caught between Madayipara plateau and Ezhimala hills in Kannur district of Kerala.  Many rivers join nearby to drain into the Arabian sea.  It is a marvel in terms of its rich mangroves and associated vegetation.  It also attracts a lot of fish, crustaceans and birds into its bountiful and beautiful habitat. […]

Sea Eagles of Malabar Coast

Its goose like nasal honking-call alarms the fishermen on fish shoals that form ”Chakara” and the turning of the tide.  In their mating falls with locked talons from greater heights to the ground they honk in unison. It has more than ten local Malayalam names says Dr Jafer Palot who did his Ph D on […]