Redshanks in Kumbala

Common Redshanks in Kumbala estuary

Arctic waders are here in Kerala!! These cozy tourists may be from Europe or from further north west. Anyway they are having a nice time at Kumbala river-mouth where the river meets the sea with all its meandering lagoons and mangrove islets. It is an ideal location for these migratory birds to land and repose for a while.
Today, 18 October 2010, at around 10am, I saw a small group of ten Common Redshanks in the mangrove covered mudflats of Kumbala estuary. These winter visitors were in non breeding plumage with reddish legs and longer and partially red beaks. They were lazily preening themselves in the sun that sparkled in the blue waters and green mangrove leaves. They were also producing occasional piping calls of alarm.
Grey Heron in Netravati estuary, Mangalore

Yesterday at the estuary of river Netravati in Mangalore I saw a large Grey Heron, a Grey Wagtail, a few Western Reef Egrets and plenty of common Sandpipers. I also saw an unidentified group of waders there. Perhaps it could be this same cool shanks. To my surprise I also spotted a pair of peacocks at the mouth of the river Netravati near the sea!
Pelagic Peas: Peafowl pair at the mangroved estuary of Netravati at the edge of Arabian sea

Today too I saw a peacock in the sacred grove surrounding the old Jain Basti in Bengara, Manjeswar, on the southern banks of the river Manjeswar. Also saw plenty of common Sandpipers and Small Blue Kingfishers at the estuary of river Mnjeswar.
Small Blue/Common Kingfisher, Manjeswar estuary

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