Sailing the Malabar Coast in Search of Sea Birds

Pelagic birds are sea birds.  They rarely come to the coast, wind blown most often.  I joined Keralabirder and Malabar Natural History Society team for a first ever pelagic survey off the coast of Kannur from Azhikal bay on 26 september 2010.  We were around 20 birders in the team including Mike Prince, Sathyan Meppayur, […]

Lapwings of Madayi Para

Madayi Para is a laterite mount on the northern bank of the Pazhayangadi river in Kannur district of Kerala.  It lies somewhat north-south to the south east of Ezhimala that currently houses the Naval Academy.  It is a place of immense eco-cultural significance.  This unique geographical formation is a biodiversity hotspot and is pregnant with […]