“Lying Around” a poem by V R SANTHOSH

While taking a nap alone
lying under a tree
No leaf will look at you
And no birds chirp

That is a snake
The Thoma who is lost in drinks
Or it could be even
The V R Santhosh himself

Otherwise a job seeking
Pauper of a Master of Arts
No home no folks
The Bengaly coolie

Thus doubts are multiplied
And reproduced
To be abandoned
On the slopes of outer space

If two persons lie around
together and take a nap under a tree
The leaves grow ears
And the birds start chirping

The nature turns out to be
A policeman with a curved mustache
The name and place would be asked
The debt of doubt would increase.

(Translated from Malayalam by Dr Ajay Sekher)

V R Santhosh is a leading young poet and translator in Malayalam. He can be reached at: +91 9495254362.

2 thoughts on ““Lying Around” a poem by V R SANTHOSH”

  1. dear ajay, pleasure to read that u’ve catched the metaphoric illusions created in the poem ,quite strange and significant, by vr santhosh. translation keeps its rare aesthetics in this work, thank you.

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