Ram the Hon’ble Governor of the shit house

He sits on his tall chair and dictates

Tells you what to do and what not to

(and why and how and so on)

This saint of the crap house

Who had qualified for his lofty slot

For being ever so clean

(What he throws he consumes)

And having been born into the holy familyP1080035

If there ever was one.

Hon’ble governor –oh he dictates

Where the shit should run and taps should weep

Going through the crap ever so gently

(Oh what a gentle man!)

Knowing what to treasure and what to hate

To separate the shit from the blood and from the semen

And each from the piss.

Yesterday his majesty

Shat a golden cream,

The house is bound to auction it

And make some money

To pass this lean time.

Somebody has stolen

The precious shit of mother Mary

The star of stars

Of the cess -pools

The town is intent on finding out the culprit

And you know who it would be

Whether or not he was there

And whether or not something was lost

Oh the town knows, oh the town!!

Benoy P J is a bilingual poet, short fiction author, painter, art critic and translator based in Kottayam. He is the author of many poetry and short fiction anthologies in Malayalam and English. His email: For more writings see

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