Darters Breeding at the Heart of Kottayam

Today I found more than twenty nests of darters at the heart of Kottayam town on the old trees in PWD rest house.

It was a mixed heronry of little cormorants and darters.

The snake birds were in breeding plumage and were displaying the startling colours and feathers in an astonishing fashion (See photos posted).

Their courtship cadences and mating calls and scintillating pulsations simply charmed every living and non living things around.

The orange tinge of the beak and special metallic silver breeding streamers and snowy fur all around the head and neck were simply mesmerizing.

Those who haven’t seen a darter in breeding plumage miss a lot in their life, I can at least guarantee that! They are truly amazing creatures, all cheers to their spectacular displays, their amorous desires that enliven us and the sustenance of life struggle by these globally threatened birds!!!

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