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Ode to Flight: A Poem in Photographic Images


Spreading the wings of imagination: The great White-bellied Sea Eagle of north Malabar at Manjeswaram, Kasaragod, early 2011

Awesome and moving: White-bellied Sea Eagle takingoff, Bekal, Kasaragod, early 2011

Dive and fall in flight: Sea Eagle at Bekal, Kasaragod, early 2011

Agile and dashing: Osprey above Chempallikund near Ezhimala, Kannur, early 2011

As if still and hovering: Booted Eagle soaring above Chempallikund, Kannur, early 2011

Fast and dynamic: White-bellied Sea Eagle at Manjeswaram, Kasaragod, early 2011

Flight and fight: A mid-air encounter between Brahmany Kite and Sea Eagle at Manjeswaram, Kasaragod, early 2011

Incredible and sensational: The undulating flight of Eurasian Marsh Harrier above Kannur Kaipad wetland, early 2011

Massive in mid-air: W B Sea Eagle at Manjeswaram, early 2011

Flight and freedom: Survival of the sea eagle in Kerala