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The Elephants that Linger: The Buddhist Legacy of Mamallapuram

// August 17th, 2015 // 1 Comment » // Cultural Politics

Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram was known as Mallai, Kadal Mallai, Mallai Kadal and Mamallai invariably in ancient Tamil texts till early middle ages. The reference to the Mallai could be a clear denotation to the Malla people. It was the Mallas of Kalinga and Magadha who revered the Buddha most during his later teaching career and […]

Buddhism in Tamil Nadu

// August 2nd, 2015 // 1 Comment » // Cultural Politics

Theodore Bhaskaran on Buddha at Tanjavur in the Hindu Read Dr Jambulingam’s writings on Buddhism in the Chola Country The fresco and stone reliefs featuring the Buddha in Tanjavur Big temple or Brihadiswara temple is interpreted in many ways by scholars and pundits. Theodore Bhaskaran keeps alive the sceptical tradition in his 2004 piece in […]

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