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Crows: A Poem by S Joseph

// May 12th, 2016 // No Comments » // Cultural Politics

At the daybreak Beneath the flowering sizzling tree Two crows are gathering twigs Testing the strength they collect It one by one and take it on to the tree Where it is fixed   This is the time for The crows to mate and nest Summer as intense as lust And misty till the night […]

Garudan Paravai and Tookkam: Bird Masquerade and Claw Hanging in Kerala

// April 24th, 2016 // 1 Comment » // Cultural Politics

When summer becomes unbearable during the month of Meenam or Metam that comes during April-May season, the ancient Kavus or sacred-grove shrines of mid and south Kerala; now turned into Brahmanical Hindu temples all around the lake Vembanad perform the Paravai and Tookkam, now widely called the Garudan Paravai and Garudan Tookkam. It is traditionally […]

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