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  1. Tapash says:

    that if karma doesn’t exist, and rebirth doesn’t exist, and prtcniciag the teachings helps in this life anyway, then there’s nothing lost. If they do exist then there’s something gained. But he’s not saying you need to accept them or else you’ll burn (unlike Christo-Islam), he’s saying if it benefits you now then there’s nothing really for you to lose.Zen isn’t focused on scriptures or dogma; it’s very much cutting straight to the idea of enlightenment. I’m looking more into zen as a result.Western philosophy and psychology might work. When you understand psychology you understand how and why people think the way they do. I see different benefits of religion and different benefits of atheism and am trying to synthesise the two; at least with understanding psychology I can recognise the benefits and why people believe what they do.Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhist

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