Booted Eagles in Kol Wetland

A Booted Eagle soaring above Enamavu Kol wetland, Thrissur. Oct 8, 2011

Birds of prey hunting Egrets in Kol

Booted Eagles on a mid-air encounter at least 500 m above Enamavu Kol, Thrissur. Oct 8, 2011

Booted Eagle showing white spots on either sides of the head. It is called 'Spotlights'. Enamavu Kol wetland, Thrissur, Oct 8, 2011

A raptor eating its prey near Adat Kol, Thrissur. Oct 8, 2011

A Small Blue Kingfisher in Enamavu Kol, Thrissur. Oct 8, 2011

Small Blue Kingfisher in Kol wetland, Thrissur. Oct 8, 2011

View of Thrissur city (in horizon) from Adat Kol wetland

A raptor at Kol. Oct 8, 2011

Globe Skimmer or Wandering Glider in flight. The migration of Thula Thumby started before the month of Thulam in Thrissur. Oct 8, 2011. Enamavu Kol, Thrissur

Asian Openbill Storks soaring high above Puzhakal Kol. View from Enamavu Kol. Oct 8, 2011.

Globe Skimmers amidst their migration in Kol

Glossy Ibises in Enamavu Kol. Oct 8, 2011

Riding inside Kol is a unique experience; the long and winding bunds take you to unknown locations, where nature is at its theatrically best.

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