Picture 1251

// May 28th, 2010 //

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  1. Naldo says:

    I hope you don’t give up your blog, but I can certainly idinetfy with your feelings. I am the same way about my blog. I put a lot of thought into most of my posts, and when I get only one or two comments, or worse no comments at all, I feel quite deflated. Plus I noticed last year before Christmas that my reader stats fell off the cliff (mind you, it isn’t a very steep cliff!) and the same thing is happening this year. At least I am not taking it so personally this time around. I love reading your reflections on nature and the role it plays in your life, so hopefully you will continue.As far as winter goes here’s my two cents as a Canadian. Don’t let it stop you from doing what you love. I happen to love walking, so I keep walking. The only days I don’t go out are the days it is colder than -15, or when we are in the middle of high winds and/or a blizzard. Rather than wearing clunky snow boots I have high top water-proof hikers and they will do me for most days. It makes walking so much easier. If it is slippery or there is newly fallen snow I put some Yak Trax on the hikers and I’m good to go. I think you will find there is a whole world of unique beauty waiting for you this winter!

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